Hi! I'm Heather.

One of my passions is creating sensory experiences that reconnect you with your body and the world around you, while bringing more joy, grounding, and wonder into your life.


I offer opportunities for growth that are supported by the plants, the seasons, and the places one longs to wander.


And you?  Do you...

Have stamps in your passport and mud on your boots, but both are hiding out in the back of the closet now that life has taken you in other directions?

Remember how your senses came alive as you explored outdoor markets filled with mysterious spices and colorful textiles, but even though some of them now decorate your home, the magic you hoped to hold onto has faded away?

Still taste the meal someone's Nonna cooked for you, fresh veggies from her garden, a chicken prepared in your honor, and now have a shelf in your kitchen dedicated to cookbooks from around the globe that you hope will inspire you...someday?


Can you remember...

How you loved the freedom of the unknown, opened to the wonders in the moment, and found deep connections with those you met along the way?

Returned home with a sparkle in your eyes, a spring to your step, and stories to share.

Felt whole, connected, creative, and inspired.


What if you you could recreate those feelings now, at home, everyday?

And what if I told you that while doing so the heaviness in your body might lift, the tiredness dissipate.  Your creative juices start flowing for the first time in months. That you will guide your body toward a renewed sense of purpose, a deeper connection to the world you wake up in, every day, and a joy, that just might be contagious.

Ready to go? Need a guide and a map to lead the way?

Guess what? I'm also an explorer!  As a traveling nomad...

 I've seen icebergs in Newfoundland, the northern lights in Alaska, harvested olives in Italy, sailed the the west coast of Scotland... Guided by intuition and open to serendipity, I am invigorated and energized by stepping out of familiar patterns, meeting new people, and the heightened senses that come from being in a place fully present.

Along the many paths of my journey I've learned...

That our senses can get dulled, by everyday life, monotonous routines, stressful schedules, never-ending winters, the unchanging supply of food at the grocers...and while heading off on a new adventure is one way to remedy it...we can also reintroduce the newness, wonder, and connection we seek when we travel into our daily lives...


As a farmer...

I became rooted in the rhythm of the seasons and found deep connections that grew out of being present on a piece of land day after day in all kinds of weather. 

I experienced the way the flavors of food change, depending on the soil they were grown in and time of year they were harvested.  Eating in tune to the seasons provided me with the nourishment my body craved...and connecting in this way brought anticipation and excitement for the first strawberries, the few weeks of fresh peas, the flavor of frosted carrots.

I found myself growing in the garden—next to the maturing lettuces and ripening tomatoes. I saw lives transformed, new truths learned, new directions realized by those who joined me there—through the simple routines of planting carrots, harvesting spinach.

Taking the time to be present, to observe, and immerse oneself in nature, helps create wonder, connection, and inspiration.


When introduced to the world of herbs...


I discovered a way to feel at home wherever I happen to find myself.  Whether going for a walk across town or setting foot in a new place.  Connected.  Grounded.

Plantain. Dandelion. Elder. Nettles. Meadowsweet. Yarrow. Coltsfoot. Calendula. Thyme...

They greet me when I step onto new shores, scramble over rocks, walk through meadows, peer over garden gates. They show up along roadsides and peak out from between cracks in the pavement. Old friends, Wise teachers.

From them I have learned to trust my intuition.  To believe in my own unique power of knowing. To create beautiful food that is healing to body and spirit (and tasty too!)

They have shown me new meanings of family and relationship. The importance of gratitude, of practice, of ceremony.

I have experienced their strength, how they bring balance and work with our body's innate ability to heal.  The way they invite us to pause and breathe deeply...and how they help us create joy and relaxation in our lives... Their scents and flavors stimulating our senses and helping to transport us back to lands we once walked and those we still long to wander.  Gently, subtly...things begin to shift and move as we travel with them.

Is your curiosity sparked and your spirit starting to stir?

Are you ready to invite wonder back into your life and to follow that deep longing for exploration and adventure? Ready to step into life as a modern nomad?

Don't worry, this doesn't mean you need to cast aside all your belongings and leave your family at the door...I believe a North Star Nomad is someone who is at home in the present moment (wherever that may be), guided by the rhythm of the seasons, led by intuition, and has a willingness to step out of their comfort zone...they have a practice of connection, a sparkle in their eyes, and walk in their empowered self.

My intention is to provide you with a map and the tools you need for your unique journey of discovery...you are responsible for showing up, doing the work, and listening to your body...allowing yourself to reconnect and balance through sensory explorations with herbs, food, and spirit.

Ready for the next step?

Check out my class offerings or contact me to set up an alignment call for one on one work.


Other things about me:

I love to create pictures with words, paint on a canvas of soil, and cook food that tastes good and looks beautiful.  I'm nourished by the ocean, northern climes, long walks in the woods, winters by the wood stove, and helping things grow (both people and plants!).

I've received my BA from Carleton College, have my Permaculture Design Certificate, Reiki Adv 2nd Degree Certification, and trained as an Herbal Wellness Coach with Maia Toll.  I've also spent nearly decade of seasons on small sustainable farms, apprenticed with multiple herbalists, and taught everywhere from the decks of a schooner to a sugar shack under a full moon.  I am always open to explore new places whether it's down the street or across the sea.