Ciao Tutti,

     There have been an abundance of grey, cloudy, still days this summer.  You know the type...those days when it the air is heavy with humidity, nothing is moving, and it feels like the world is stagnant...weighing everything and everyone down.  I could feel this energy creeping in to my body.  Keeping me stuck, not wanting to move, longing for something to shift...for the gust of wind or flash of sunshine that would stir everything up...

     Yesterday, on my walk I set an intention to notice things that were moving.  Sometimes it appears that all is still until we choose to focus on the things that aren't, even if those things are seemingly small.  While walking the wind returned, and it filled my lungs with the honey-like, calming scent of blooming linden flowers.  The scent greeted me even before the trail exited the woods into the field where they were clustered.

     I watched the branches and leaves move with the wind, the bees go from flower to flower, the streams run strong with rainwater.  Movement.  Motion.  Even today, without the wind, and a return to grey and drizzled dampness I am reminded that not all is still.  Jackdaws comment from the rooftop, snails crawl up the garden path, a neighbors roof becomes covered with tiles.  Sometimes when we are feeling stuck it is not about taking big giant leaps, but about small shifts in perspective that help to get us moving again.

     Here are some simple suggestions to get things moving again in your life if you are feeling stuck...

-Move your body.  That's right physical movement, walking, dancing, running, wiggling...whatever lights you up. 10 minutes. Go!

-Change your path.  Always drive the same way to work or walk the same route?  Mix it up.  Drive down a new street, reverse your walking route or try a new one.

-Set an intention.  By setting an intention of noticing something like movement or growth or things that flow, either throughout our day or for a shorter period like on a walk or commute, you open yourself to noticing things that you would have been unaware of before and bring concepts into reality. 

-Smudge.  Whether you are feeling stuck or the energy of a room is a bit stagnant, smudging with white sage clears things out and gets them moving again.

-Essential oils.  Put a drop of rosemary essential oil on your hands, rub them together, then cup them over your nose and inhale.  Or put a drop or two in an essential oil diffuser and let the scent fill the room.

    What other things do you do when you are feeling stuck and sluggish to create movement in your life? Let me know in the comments below.