Exploring the Scents and Tastes of Italy:

An Introduction to Essential Oils and Herbal Teas

Have you ever wandered (or longed to wander) the narrow winding streets through Italy's hilltop villages? Feet stepping on ancient stone piazzas, warm summer winds surrounding you with the scent of cypress, a hint of lavender…In this two class series we will learn about and experience essential oils and herbal teas inspired by Italy.

Essential Oils Class:

Essential oils can help promote relaxation,clear the mind, and ground us back into ourselves.  They also can transport us to far off lands, or bring up familiar memories.  In this class inspired by Italy you will get to learn about what essential oils are and how to use them.  We will explore 5 different essential oils that evoke the Italian countryside, and you will get to make a spritzer of your favorite to take home with you.

Herbal Teas Class:

Hot water poured over herbs and allowed to rest. Simple actions creating complex flavors.  In this class we will let our taste buds be our guide as we learn about herbal teas and explore 5 teas whose flavors will transport us to Italy.  You will get to make a blend of tea to take home with you.

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Interested in bringing these classes to your community? They are an hour each and can be run two separate events, independently, or combined into one longer workshop.  I am currently based in Scotland, but also spend time in the States each year, so let me know where you are...I love to travel!

Interested? Questions? contact Heather Borkowski at hwbork(at)gmail.com