One-to-One Month Long Sessions



Ready to Release stuckness, become Energized, and add more Joy to your life?

These sessions are designed for those of you who are new to having a coach and/or want to get a sense of my style before you dive in deeper.  These also work well if you want to put some concentrated energy into focusing on a specific problem or challenge you are dealing with right now.  Choose from one of the three offerings below and lets start the Journey!


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Vibrant & Alive

Feeling tired and uninspired, heavy and stuck...that deep kind of stuck, like when you've gone wading through a mud puddle and suddenly your foot...just...wouldn't...come...out...of... the... mud. Ready to get your body and your life moving again? Join me for a journey where you will be guided to create a life that flows, and where you'll wake up more energized and inspired.


Joyful Fire

Has the long winter (or summer if you live in Scotland!) of never ending grey got you down? Are you feeling sad, and small, and a bit lonely? Does your body feel tight, and do you long to get back to your pile of down duvets, because you're just so cold all the time? Ready to warm up and reignite your inner glow? Join me for a journey where you will be guided to create a life that is bright, warm, and filled with Joy.


Radiant Boundaries

Are you always picking up someone else's energy? Never sure what's theirs and what's yours? Feeling scattered and overwhelmed, overstimulated and stressed. Longing to feel clear, grounded, and supported again. Come out of hiding and join me for a journey where you will be guided to create a life where you feel clear, grounded, and refreshed.



Each Package Includes:

-(1) Set of Charting your Course Questions to help you get clear on what you want to focus on in our time together and let me get to know you a bit.

-(1) Intention Worksheet to guide you in setting an intention for our weeks together

-(1) 1.5 hour Getting to know You call: where we'll chat on Skype or by phone and will get to know you more deeply. We will go through the intro questions in more detail, and talk about what's going on in your life now, your health, your passions, and anything else you are drawn to share. Often during these conversations we'll find patterns and connections that give insights which lead to initiating the changes you want to make.

-(1) Personalized list of recommendations emailed to you based on what came up in the call. This is where you get to go exploring! Each guide is unique but could include suggestions for lifestyle changes, food choices, herbal teas, flower essences, etc. From this list you'll pick a few recommendations you want to explore for the coming weeks. (You'll need to purchase all supplies yourself teas, essences, etc as they are not included).

-(2) E-mail accountability check-ins to keep you on track and answer any questions that may be coming up.

-(1) 30 minute follow-up call 3-4 weeks after the first call to go over your journey and answer any further questions you may have.

Investment $197 (USD)/ £147 one time payment

Contact me with questions and to set up your first session.

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