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     "Before working with Heather and the flower essences, I was feeling unsettled, a bit lost and not very good about myself. My grandmother wasn’t doing well (and she eventually past away whilst I was taking the flower essences) and I was grieving for the loss of a loved one from just a few months earlier. I wasn’t taking the best of care of myself and I knew that.  I knew something needed to change.

     When I started working with Heather, it couldn’t have been at a better time: I felt heard, understood and supported especially when my grandmother passed away. I started making small changes and creating new habits (focusing on nutrition and movement in particular), which made a real difference to my life. Now I have more energy, vitality and confidence. I am feeling like myself again.

     Heather is a wonderful guide and I love how she works - gently, intuitively, and insightfully. I immediately felt at ease and she created a safe space for me to share where I was and where I wanted to be. The support throughout our work together was invaluable. I would highly recommend her and the subtle power of flower essences.


Carrie Sanderson, Edinburgh, UK

Artist, Writer and Coach at - inspiring you to tap into your creativity and make your dreams come true."

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     Heather has a beautiful way of getting to the heart of the matter.  Before we had our first Skype session, a series of six compelling questions arrived to help me identify and define trouble spots in my life, and how I envisioned my life becoming if I could change those things. The questions began to take hold like tiny seeds and grew into living, breathing states of consciousness, with expanding, positive and exciting possibilities with powerful energy to breathe new life into my world.

    As I dove into the process, the light of understanding began to shine and new ideas came to the surface every day.  Heather’s idea of charting our destination, and creating a “container” to hold a vision really started to make sense. The questions showed me that I’d done vast amounts of work to get to where I was, yet I could see the work that needed to be done to align all areas of my life with my goals. It became clear that my actions weren’t always in alignment with these goals -  I wanted to live my dream, not dream about living!
      Through Heather’s wisdom and experience as a flower essence practitioner, the world of Findhorn flower essences came to life. She suggested essences that would help facilitate my journey, and they have become dynamic tools to support the whole process. And she always suggested ideas, or made recommendations, so I felt I had complete freedom to embrace them or not.

     Heather listened, was compassionate, loving, always ready to laugh and see the joy, was tremendously supportive, and deeply intuitive. We had the best conversations! I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to work together one-on-one because it was a beautiful collaboration, filled with creativity and exploration for us both.  Her suggestions for moving forward, have been so in tune with my life, my dreams, and where I'm headed.  She lit the fire that has rekindled my passion and creativity, and to take action on my long held dream of art classes and traveling to St. Ives and Florence.  Thank you so much, Heather!


Janet Doane, Washington State, USA

Artist and Author, The Healing Feast


     "Heather came into my world at the right time. I was feeling really disconnected from my body, and unhappy with my living situation, which I simply couldn't change. I was impatient and craving a fix. I was losing energy, feeling drained by my work, and although I knew what made me feel better...I felt really overwhelmed.

     In our Vibrant & Alive session, Heather was a calming influence, listened deeply and helped me figure out the areas that were not working for me. She held space beautifully and then came up with a list of super-easy recommendations that I could try out immediately.

     Heather helped me reconnect with nature, reminded me of the subtle power of using flower essences and taught me how to cleverly introduce little moments of peace and presence into my day. I am so grateful for our time together and I have no hesitation in recommending Heather if you are looking for balance, grounding and a tailored approach to your wellbeing."


Ariadne Kapsali, London UK,

 Yoga teacher + Life Coach



     "Its been so lovely to work with Heather. When I came to her, I was at the point in my life where I felt stuck and uninspired, unmotivated and everything felt on hold,  I felt as though I had no energy for anything, 

     After just a week of working with Heather, I started to feel myself coming alive. And with her help, after few weeks, I began to feel joyful about life again, I had more energy to do things and came back to doing what I love. All the little tips she gave me, the way she guided me, and her amazing advice brought me back to the space I wanted to be in.

     I am using everything I learned from Heather now, so I can fully enjoy life and am able to put all my energy (now that it's back) into fulfilling my dreams.
Deeply grateful, it was an amazing and valuable experience. Thank you"

Marina Avetisyan, London, UK

Singer/Songwriter, Boats in the Marina




     "Before I began working with Heather, I felt overwhelmed and scattered. I had just moved back to America and feeling so very far from grounded. During our first phone call, she uncovered so many little paradigms that I didn't even realize were a thing...basically, I needed healing from the ground up- to trust and let go. This, you would think, would be easy peazy...not even close.

     As things began to unfold during my time with Heather, she gave me wonderful recommendations, everything from books, to flower essences to balance my energies. The weeks that I had apart from her, my awareness had lit up the places and spaces that I thought I was was hiding like a pro-from myself. Not so much.

     Heather just 'gets it.' Her energy and presence is fantastic. She makes you feel safe in your vulnerability. I poured my heart out like we were long time friends. I now feel a step closer to myself, to accepting all that life is bringing and urging me to do! I feel like something big and awesome is being woken up from the time I spent with Heather. It's a feeling, one that you too will understand when you work with this lovely lady. She was able to reintroduce me to painting, a childhood passion of mine. This-is-huge!

     Now, I can say I'm thinking clearer, bigger-I'm accepting things that I have been ignoring. I am feeling more whole and putting myself first for once. I've learned that if you don't put you first, and accept yourself, your boundaries first, you are never going to be able to get the rest down. This, is the truth. Letting go is hard, trust is even scarier, but I'm ready!

     If you have come to that point as well, a point that you can no longer live half a life, and you're ready to live a full and wholehearted life, I HIGHLY recommend Heather! So many thanks xxxxx"



Morghan Lonergan, Wisconsin, USA

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