Come home to your Wild Heart

Trust in the Wisdom of your Inner Compass


Are you ready to go Exploring?

To discover new ways of reawakening your senses, stimulating your sense of wonder, and allowing you to deepen your connection to self...while also getting you unstuck from what ever has been holding you back and keeping you out of balance. 

So that you emerge inspired, your life gets moving again, and you can start having all those adventures that are still waiting to happen...




I'd love for you to join me!

One of my superpowers is the ability to see the light shining within you (even when you feel it's gone out) and, as guide, take you on a journey to Reconnect with your Inner MAGIC

That way you can once again be the joyful, energized, adventurous soul you know yourself to be...

And the best bit is that you don't need to wait in any long airport lines or spend long hours on the train to come along.  Together, we'll be transported to far off lands, (from wherever you happen to be calling home these days), while exploring the magical world of herbs, food, and spirit.



Our travels will be guided by the rhythms of the seasons and assisted by the herbs and plants we meet along the way.

Depending which route you decide to take, our travel bag will include some combination of: Essential oils, herbal teas, food recommendations, flower essences, and/or creative expression (painting, photos, dance, etc.)



You'll emerge with:

  • a Renewed sense of Purpose

  • Awakened senses

  • Heightened Intuition

  • Greater Self Confidence

  • Radiant Boundaries

  • Increased Energy

  • and a Deeper Connection with yourself & the world around you.

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