Ready to Reconnect


with your Inner Compass?


I have a bag of tools and a map to lead the way, but how the journey unfolds is up to you.  Make youself a cup of tea and explore the ways we can work together below.  I look forward to meeting you!

Ariadne Kapsali   , London UK

Ariadne Kapsali, London UK

  Heather helped me reconnect with nature, reminded me of the subtle power of using flower essences and taught me how to cleverly introduce little moments of peace and presence into my day. I am so grateful for our time together and I have no hesitation in recommending Heather if you are looking for balance, grounding and a tailored approach to your wellbeing."


I offer one to one coaching sessions in person or over Skype/Zoom. I also teach classes and workshops that explore kitchen alchemy, herbal skincare, and organic gardening.

Carrie Sanderson   , Edinburgh, Scotland

Carrie Sanderson, Edinburgh, Scotland

Heather is a wonderful guide and I love how she works - gently, intuitively, and insightfully. I immediately felt at ease and she created a safe space for me to share where I was and where I wanted to be. The support throughout our work together was invaluable. I would highly recommend her and the subtle power of flower essences.


You'll Emerge with:

a Renewed sense of Purpose

Awakened senses

Heightened Intuition

Greater Self Confidence

Radiant Boundaries

Increased Energy

Inspired Creativity

A more Joyful life


a Deeper Connection

with yourself & the world around you.


Morghan Lonergan, Wisconsin, USA

Morghan Lonergan, Wisconsin, USA

Heather just 'gets it.' Her energy and presence is fantastic. She makes you feel safe in your vulnerability. I poured my heart out like we were long time friends. I now feel a step closer to myself, to accepting all that life is bringing and urging me to do! I feel like something big and awesome is being woken up from the time I spent with Heather. It's a feeling, one that you too will understand when you work with this lovely lady. She was able to reintroduce me to painting, a childhood passion of mine. This-is-huge!