Turtle Medicine


Ciao Tutti,

I love when animals come into my life and offer to share their wisdom. Turtle and I have always been deeply connected. And we’ve been lucky enough to meet on occasion, usually times when I need a little nudge or reminder, or during a time of transformation.

Last autumn turtle met me at a magical retreat I attend each year in the mountains of North Carolina. I had asked the universe for a bit of guidance. Later, walking through the woods towards the land alter I had been tending, he was waiting on the leaf covered path. We stood and looked at each other for many minutes, connecting in that space where only the present exists, before I turned to go.

Turtle reminds me that I am always home, wherever I find myself.

Turtle reminds me of the importance of Patience...that slow and steady is ok. 

That sometimes when you are down among the leaves and tufts of grass you can't see where you are going but putting one foot in front of the other gets you one step closer to where you need to be.

Do you have animals that you connect with? What wisdom have they shared with you?