Winter Garden

     Come walk with me in winter's garden.  Grab your coat and scarf, and your wool hat if its handy.  Bundled up we'll slip out the door into the frosty air, and head down the road until we come to a little gate in the hedge. 

Seasonal Syrups

After a wet, cold summer, autumn has greeted us with sunshine and clear skies...the leaves are starting to change, and the days have become noticeably shorter.  I've been out harvesting beautiful baskets of ripe elderberries, hawthorn, blackberries, and rose hips...


I love sitting down to a colourful plate of food at mealtimes.  I find that enjoying a meal that looks vibrant and beautiful nourishes my soul as well as my body.  One of my favorite ways to add colour and vibrancy is to create with edible flowers.


There have been an abundance of grey, cloudy, still days this summer.  You know the type...those days when it the air is heavy with humidity, nothing is moving, and it feels like the world is stagnant...