Golden Winds

Ciao Tutti,

Winds whisper through golden leaves

and there is release,

a dancing downward.

Fall is about letting go and moving inward.

Casting off that which is no longer essential, which no longer serves as we journey toward shorter days and inner reflection.

Refinement. Purity. Grief. Reverence.

In Chinese 5 element theory this is the season of Metal. In Celtic culture it is the time when one year ends and the next begins.  Lungs and Skin. Breath and Connection. Boundaries and Release. 

This is also the time of year we plant garlic, after most of the garden has been harvested, before the ground freezes.  Continuing the cycle, connecting one year to the next.  I ponder this as I put the cloves into the ground, cold fingers, moist soil.   They will root, then sit quietly for months beneath winter snows, their green shoots waiting to burst forth until light returns and temperatures warm. 

Take a walk outside... Notice... how the air feels...what the light is like...the things around you that are being released.  Breathe in deeply and exhale.  Feel how your breath flowing out makes room for the next breath to flow in.  What are you ready to release in your life to make room for something new to enter in?