Ciao tutti,

Fields are filled with Goldenrod, Queen Anne's Lace, and many happy bees. Hands pick cherry tomatoes and raspberries.  Both golden.  Both sweet.

Sun and warmth meet cool and crisp. Hint of woodsmoke alternates with final dips in salty waters.  Awakened. Alive. 

Much as dandelion, plantain, and mints become green and vibrant again in shortening days, I too thrive in these cooler temperatures.

Acorns fall. Leaves falling. Sunflowers' heads turn downward, facing soil.  Petals drop and seeds mature, creating next year's life as they ready themselves to return to their roots. 

A time of transition, our energy shifts from up and outward to down and inward.  All the while we celebrate abundance and offer gratitude.

A teacher of mine once said that this is the time of year when our great Mother throws a big party.  She adorns the world with yellows and red, lighting us up and giving us memories of warmth and sun to hold us through the winter months.  And she provides us with a feast!  Orange squash, purple potatoes, lettuces, kale, beets and carrots, last of the melons, first of the apples.  Baskets and buckets filled to overflowing. 

Seeds planted in the spring reaching fruition-and it is not only so in the garden.  What in your life is becoming abundant now?  What seeds that you planted earlier this year are reaching maturity? It could be with a project, a new job, a relationship...where do you see your life mirroring the season we are in?